SD Law Review Materials

Here are the free tools we have for preparing to take the SD Law real estate test:

  • What to expect from your test? Includes testing process and information. Outline of test topics is on page 21 of Candidate Guidebook.  Link to Candidate Guidebook
  • SD Real Estate License Law and Administrative Rules book (downloadable as a pdf):  SD License Law book

Additional hints - 

  • You are also tested over national principles which apply to South Dakota such as agency, closing math, and math pro-rations including property taxes.
  • Property taxes in SD are paid in arrears.
  • Typical test questions will have a core problem and also distractor information. Read the question, determine the core problem, then read the answers while ignoring the distractors. 
  • Also be sure to read ALL of the answers. There may be two which work, you want the best one. There may not be any that are great answers, you want the best available. 
  • I have had several people tell me there are multiple questions on Fair Housing steering, redlining etc. Also questions on actions which could get you in trouble with the real estate commission, and questions on allowed items to give if someone who refers a client to you.

 We also sell some review aids for $100 plus $4 online payment convenience fee:

  1. A video vault with videos based on the outline in the Candidate Guidebook.  The videos are from 2-15 minutes long.
  2. Quick quiz over frequently missed concepts (according to student feedback). You can take this quiz three times. It is not a typical sample quiz over all topics - just quick questions over topics multiple students have asked for more information. It is not based on actual questions, just on general concepts. THIS QUIZ HAS REALLY HELPED PASS RATE! 
  3. If you choose to purchase the video vault and Quick Quiz we email you an invoice using Square. 
    1. We never receive your credit card number - you pay online directly through Square. 
    2. It is $100 plus a $4 convenience fee for paying online. 
    3. Pay the invoice when you are ready to start testing - we will send you a new email with full links and passwords within one business day of you paying the invoice. 
    4. Feel free to text us to let us know you paid and we will be sure to send this in a timely manner during business hours. Our commitment is to get it to you within one business day.
    5. You will have access for approximately 30 days.


Videos in our video vault include 35 videos. The videos are usually between two and fifteen minutes each. 

Here is how they break down:

  • Two intro to testing process videos and 
  • Four Math Review videos: 
  • SD Law - one video for each of the 27 points on PSI testing outline:
  • One video on How to schedule your exam: - Click Schedule Exam

If that url does not work, try their old one: 

  1. Category is Real Estate
  2. Program is South Dakota Real Estate Examination
  3. Examination is Broker Multiple Choice Exam
  • One video is walking through the process for the license application.