LAW taking effect January 1, 2023.
Please read to see changes.
It will change the class length, cost, and time limit for using the class to get a broker license.

2023 Law

Starting January 1, 2023 you will need to meet three requirements:
1. Have a Broker Associate license
2. Actively serve under a Broker for at least two years
3. Take the new 24-hour Responsible Broker class and pass the test at the end of the class
4. Apply for Broker license within six months of passing the class

Yes – it counts as 24 hours of required credit for renewing your license. However, you must apply for a broker license within six months of taking the class for it to count for getting your broker license.

To receive a Broker’s license, you need

  • Have been an active broker-associate for at least two years
  • Take the Responsible Broker 24-hour class
  • Apply for your license within six months of passing the class
Carol's Classes LLC
Carol's Classes LLC

Responsible Broker Class

Can be used for CE and for PL education - $439

Class needed to obtain Broker’s License

The 24-hour Responsible Broker class is the class needed for getting a broker license. It can also be used for Continuing Education (CE). The class is three days, 8:00 am – 5:00. It can be attended in-person. It can also be attended on Zoom as long as the student is in front of video camera during all sessions. Students will need high-speed internet access.

Students who have attended this class once, taught and sponsored by Carol’s Classes LLC can request a $100 discount when they take it sponsored by Carol's Classes LLC in the future. They will need to provide proof they previously took it sponsored by Carol's Classes LLC.

Course includes topics on:

  • Advertising compliance
  • Brokerage best practices
  • Business ethics
  • Business and strategic planning
  • Compensation planning
  • Policy review and risk management
  • State specific requirements
  • Exit strategies
  • HR essentials
  • Working with independent contractor
  • Legal issues
  • Trust accounting and finance